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Friday, June 12, 2009



SO reading this made me realize I have not had time to read your book at all. In my defense, I haven't had time to read ANYTHING, even from the stack of books that is towering next to (and as high as) our television. Sorry. I'll get on that and provide what actual feedback I can!!!

Lusty Reader

oof, not a pleasant scenario! that does NOT sound right!!! getting rejected by a fanfic site where other posted entries are error-filled or worse just sounds like there is something wrong with this world.

after finishing the twilight series i had to swear off twilight fanfic because I HATED IT SO BAD and never wanted to read another word about Bella, unless she died because I detest her so much. Does any of the fanfic have her dying?

ikss / Karen

hahahaha! Not that I have read...but I will say I have read many versions of her character (and Edward's, who I detested until like the end of book 3 when my pure hatred for him turned to only mild dislike) which are far less annoying. I think most of us have the same complaints about her so when these writers wrote their own stories, they made her stronger and more confident. Most of them, anyway. If she's messed up in the head, as she is in Wide Awake, there is a good reason for it and that fact is explored.

I have no logical explanation for my obsession, except to say that really the stories I read bear little-to-no resemblance to the original books. I am distressed, though, because now my pile of real books that I need to read just keeps growing because I am using so much of my reading time online.

Plus, I think my old man is starting to think I am having some internet love-affair...


That's probably the exact reason your story was rejected--prevailing opinion seems to be that the validation process there is capricious at best.

Now I want to read your book.

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