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Wednesday, January 20, 2010



You rock my boat sister with your blunt honesty! You're not alone in the moneyless boat. As the underemployed single mom of two, we're always scraping. Yeah, it sucks, but I get to read fucktabulous stories like yours instead of watching sappy Twi movies over and over... That's a win for me! I love The Cocky and the Cougar (despite the title!@! Sorry but I hate that moniker... why is a mature woman with a healthy sex appetite deemed a predator? Damn paternal society?!)

Anyway, happy to be following your site, story and tweets, and always anxiously awaiting your witty wicked words.


Oh I hate that stupid moniker, too! My feelings are essentially reflected in Bellas little tirade against the term in chapter 2.


Yeah, this economy sucks...but the good news is that I actually have lots of time to write now, so I guess being an unemployed drain on society as my oldest brother would probably call me, works in my favor in that sense.


Thanks for reading sweetie!!!


:) ikss / Karen



I was just thinking the other day that it has been more than two months since the opening of New Moon... I can't remember the last movie that hung around for two months. And, as much as I think I may be flamed for saying this, it's not even that great of a movie. Don't get me wrong, I was there opening day and the eye-candy alone forced me to make a dentist's appointment, but it was a little uneven (and, truth be told, NM is not my favorite book) and it suffered from serious W-fail (wigs and wardrobe were godawful, imho). It's hard enough to make these actors look like teenagers, without dressing them like college interns at Vogue and GQ. The wiggery didn't help either. Eclipse, on the other hand, IS my favorite book, so I'll wait with bated breath to see if a new costume designer and wiggist (? ikss, I do like wig wrangler, but perhaps only because those fugly wigs were wrangle-worthy ?) takes us back to a time when HS students looked like HS students. Freakin' HOT HS students, but still...


I am totally looking forward to Eclipse, I must admit. as far as the books go, it and New Moon are neck-and-neck in my mind. I barely made it thru Twilight. But then, unlike most of you Twlight weirdos, I happen to love Jacob.


Silly me for thinking the WARM guy with the killer biceps who can actually have sex with you is more attractive than the COLD guy who is afraid of killing you if he even slips you the tongue. Oh and have we mentioned the fact that Edward is a controlling stalker? OK and yes, I have a distinct bias in favor of Native American dudes.


But yes. Rob Pattinson is pretty.





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